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Woman of Ruinous Face 

Can Bonnie lead the women of Denver to election victory with the help of her dark side, or will it hinder her from achieving equality in a man's world? 


In my reimagining of the early 20th Century Woman’s Club era, one uncanny woman pushes Denver women to eschew the rules set by male domination, take over local politics, and build the world into a utopia...even if she has to kill someone along the way to do it.  

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, 1912 Denver is half Wild West, half City Beautiful icon. Denver’s politicos fight over tax rates and corporate rights while the women fight for eight-hour work days, equal property rights, and the resources to survive. 


But that is not enough for Bonnie Lipshutz, an uncommonly beautiful woman, an unconventional socialite, and a female psychopath with a plan to reshape Denver’s progressive era politics to her own liking. 


While preparing a Women’s Ticket for the upcoming Denver city election, fires break out all over the city, Bonnie stalker makes himself known, and her favorite companion’s husband lashes out. Bonnie has no patience for violent men and takes matters into her own hands. The Assistant District Attorney is already investigating her for a series of arsons, and now, when her stalker leaves town suddenly, her Club rival joins the investigation to prove Bonnie is both disruptive and murderous in her methods. 

The Shanghaied Case of the Pretty Dead Co-ed

An Interactive Novel for Adults

When my body is found in a frozen creek on Nov. 11, 1948, I become the first murdered CU student.


Drawn by the spectacle, everyone wants in on the action. Volunteers from all around Boulder and Denver search the roadsides for clues, neighbors turn in neighbors, multiple police investigations are launched. Even the Denver Post sees the opportunity to expand their readership and hires a famed crime novelist to help.


But who did it? A stranger passing through? A man I decided to trust for a night of fun? My boyfriend? Or perhaps I have secrets waiting to be uncovered.


Follow the police investigation or the paper’s. Decide which clues are important and who to talk to. With multiple endings, you'll surely figure out who did it. Right?

Want in on the fun?
Find more experiments and inspiration over on my substack:  Protect Your Nips.

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