December 1894

Then, it ever, came perfect day.


The clear atmosphere brought the mountains into bold relief. A glance at their strong outline, striking fearlessly against the cloudless sky, would fill any soul with inspiration. What wonder, then, that the women of Colora...

January 25, 2016


This is an address made at the Congress of Women, held in the Woman's Building, World Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 by Mrs. Lydia Prescott a professional teacher, native of Michigan. She was educated in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Denmark Academy, Iowa. So much of...

Writing and publishing are never easy. An author is a slave to beaten path to the doors of rejection after rejection. And if a book is chosen to be published, the author becomes the slave of the publisher's mandates: edit this, change that, sell here, interview there,...

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What and Why I Post

Here lies the historic gems found in the course of my research for Woman of Ruinous Face, a novel about a female serial killer in 1912 Denver; Queen City of the Plains, a TV show about the Speer era of Denver and the civilizing of the west; an as yet unnamed choose your own adventure murder mystery book about the first CU student who was killed in 1942; and any other history based projects I come up with.

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