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Shout Out To Edwardian Promenade

If you've read just about any of this blog you know that I love Edwardian Promenade. Admisttedly, it was accidental. I'd need to fact check a cultural history detail, or get a better sence of an social morey and find myself on Edwardian Priomenade. It wasn't actually until I started this blog that I realized how often I ended up there, and how much of Evangeline Holland's information I was using. But once I did, I became a devotee on Facebook and of course the Promenade.

And then something terrible happened. Well, not really. Ms. Holland announced she was retiring Edwardian Promenade. I paniced. I wasn't finished with my book, where was I going to get so many of the great cultural detail she provides. But, I reached out and Ms. Holland assured me she wasn't taking down the site, just not adding to it any more. Phew! You can read her whole goodbye here.

I fully support her changing it up and exploring a new time and new interests, particularily since I write about all sorts of unrelated topics. So it is with great excitement that I await her next project (maybe something around the American 1940s, wink wink)! Rumors suggest she might write about the history/culture behind the classic films she watches. Can't wait!

Thanks for all the help Ms. Holland! And remember to check out her great books!

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